Reiki Reiki New Zealand

Reiki is an ancient system of energy healing using the Universal Life Force or Light Energy, (Rei meaning universal and Ki meaning life force).

Susan is a Reiki lll Master Practitioner and a Registered Member of Reiki NZ Inc.

Reiki channels Universal energy through the use of ancient symbols and laying on of hands. This facilitate your bodies’ ability to heal itself, while you lie fully clothed, peaceful and enjoy the relaxing experience. 

You may also enjoy holding a crystal or having them laid upon your "Chakra" points to add to the feeling of being nurtured and loved. Crystals have their own special energy and add another dimension to the Reiki Treatment.

The use of Reiki for natural healing was rediscovered late 1800’s in Japan by Dr Mikao Usui. He was a student of medicine, psychology and religion, and came to learn that energy flows through all living things and is directly connected to our quality of health.

This unseen energy “life force energy”  flows within the body through pathways called chakras and meridians, it also flows around us in an energy field known as “the aura”.

Life force nourishes the organs and cells of the body, supporting them in their vital functions, and is also very responsive to our thoughts and feelings. Any negative thoughts and beliefs we have about ourselves attach to our energy field and cause a disruption in the flow of life force. 
When these energy flows are disrupted blocking our Chakras or causing them to be out of balance, we can become ill or dis-eased.

Reiki Treatment

On arrival for your Initial Consultation you will be asked to complete a “client information form” detailing any current medical treatments you are receiving. This information is purely confidential and it is for the practitioners use only, so they know how to treat you /and what the purpose for the session is.
The patient is always fully clothed and you will only be required to remove your shoes.  However, bulky jackets should be removed, glasses, empty pockets, loosen tight belts, and switch off mobile.

How Does Reiki Work ? 
Reiki energy is channelled to the receiver through the giver’s hands. Our body has an innate wisdom to heal and Reiki connects us to that inner wisdom.

Who Benefits From Reiki
Reiki is beneficial for anyone who is feeling rundown, depressed, anxious, fearful, disconnected, unwell, following an injury, facing or had an operation especially if a general anaesthetic has been administered.  Alternatively ,you may just feel like having an energy boost and body balance.

What Can I Expect During A Treatment
You will be asked to lay flat on the table with your arms/legs unfolded.  The Practitioners hands are placed on the body, with the exception of 'private' areas for which hands are placed just above the body to allow the energy to flow into the receiver’s physical and etheric body.
During the session many feel so relaxed that they fall asleep, this is fine and quite normal, you will be prompted when to turn over.
On completion;
You will be given time to awaken and become present, this can take a few minutes.
The practitioner will then discuss your session for a couple of minutes and you will be asked to give feedback.  You may feel heat, tingling, pins and needle sensation, cold, twitches of the body. On the other hand you may feel nothing. Either way is perfectly normal and no two sessions are the same. Generally people report that they feel a great sense of relaxation, peace and lightness.

How Might Reiki Affect Me
Reiki affects each person differently, but always it heals where the receiver needs it most. It works on the levels of Mind, Body, Emotions, and Spirit giving a deep cleansing affect.
On a holistic level Reiki helps to identify the underlying cause of a disease. If the root cause of a disease or illness is not treated it is liable to return.

How Many Treatments Will I Need
This is dependent upon the longevity and nature of the condition. For a condition that has been present for some time a series of treatments may be necessary. For optimum benefit it is recommended that two follow up treatments are taken 14 days apart from the initial treatment. Some people like to come for monthly or occasional treatments to top up their energy levels, gain clarity about a situation or for a relaxing treat.



Reiki After-Care

*Continue to take all prescribed medication(s) from your doctor*

Please drink plenty of water for the next couple of days to flush out toxins that your body will release as a result of the session.  Water in-take should be increased to the standard 6-8 glasses per day.  (With the exception of those whom have kidney disorders). If you have diabetes something should be eaten immediately following the healing.
Please contact me if you have any severe/ ongoing effects after your session / or contact your health practitioner if you have symptoms that persist.

The Healing Process

Following the Reiki session the body will enter into a cleansing response, flushing waste products from the tissues.
If possible, please avoid caffeine and alcohol for the next 2 days. 
Substances are ejected out of the tissues and into the system making the body “temporarily” more toxic until they can be excreted.                        This is the bodies normal healing process. 
If this is your first Reiki Healing session you are quite likely to experience a healing reaction,
such as a thirst, tiredness after the treatment – sleeping 8-10 hours, or alternatively feel fantastic.