Soul Midwifery

Soul Midwifery

Soul Midwives, a movement that has changed the face of holistic and spiritual palliative care.

 "We all die. But there are good deaths and not so good deaths. Most of us hope to die pain-free, in our own homes with our loved ones around us. But not many of us actually achieve this. Most modern deaths are at best efficient, but clinical, institutionalised, functional and soulless" ( Felicity Warner, founder of the Soul Midwifes Foundation and Hospice of the Heart Trust UK - )

Soul Midwives are companions to the dying, they draw on traditional skills, now largely forgotten, applying them to our modern world to lovingly ease the passage of those who are dying and ensure that their passing is a dignified and peaceful experience, providing services within people's homes, hospices and in care homes.

As a Soul Midwife I bring a gentle healing energy, a quiet presence and a genuine desire to help from the heart, a strong sense of proprietary, caring and confidentiality.

I offer alternative therapies such as Reiki if requested, or can read, scribe, sit and provide the 'friend' company and a break for the main carers, or perhaps more practical support, whatever is needed.

I maintain an calm exterior and I just quietly get things done, without fuss or fan-fare.

I was slowly drawn to this work over the past few years, noting how I was responding and reacting to those passing around me, and hearing of others' journeys, I had a growing desire to support 'friends' pass with dignity and grace and without fear, and so my training began with Felicity Warner.

I cant say I fear death itself, I personally believe our depart date was all set when we came into this world, so I do take comfort from feeling when its my turn, that is what is meant to be. Knowing that I will have completed my journey, covered my soul lessons and my part in the soul lessons of others, and its time to take the final journey home.

Assisting fear and suffering in others is about understanding what drives it; by listening without judgement, creating a  safe space and asking questions, reassuring and encouraging gently, showing empathy and patience as they work through it in their own time, guiding them to their own decisions and conclusions.