Workplace Well-being

Stressed tired staff - Restructuring - Redundancies?

As stress levels in business rise, stress management has rightly become a major concern for companies, keen on maintaining productivity, creativity and the wellbeing of their staff.

From an organisational management angle, well-being is a major factor in quality, performance, productivity and therefore business effectiveness and profit. Looking after your staff is something you cannot ignore, in that well-being has benefits far beyond a company’s return on investment to that of national economies.

At work particularly, pressures involving deadlines, responsibilities, task complexity, challenge, relationships, supervision, etc., can all seriously reduce our well-being, especially if we fail to recognise and deal with the risks.

Where workplace culture encourages a lot of competition and challenge among managers and staff, there can be a tolerance and acceptance of stress. Sometimes there is even a sense of bravado and pride in handling stress, where pressure is regarded to be motivational and thrilling. There is a fine line however between healthy motivation and unhealthy stress.

Across a team or entire organisation, if staff well-being is undermined, many key organisational performance factors can be negatively impacted, for example:

• Reduced productivity;

• Increased mistakes and errors;

• Conflict (with colleagues/management/ subordinates);

• Sickness and absenteeism;

• Low morale and negative atmosphere;

• Poor customer services and quality;

• Resignations and job terminations (causing increased staff turnover);and

• Poor employer reputation among staff, customers, and potential new recruits.

Stress Reduction & Prevention

Happily organisations today are far more open to the benefits of introducing positive mind/body activities and holistic therapies into the workplace, both to prevent stress, and to reduce it when it arises. A vast range of experiences are available to imaginative employers to bring in and dramatically improve people's mood and feelings about themselves, each other, and also about their work- performance and the perceived quality of the employer.

Nearly all employers, given their economies of scale and organisational purchasing power, have an excellent opportunity to provide helpful therapies and activities to workers, which for many people are simply not affordable on an individual basis.


Reiki is an alternative solution to combat the physical and mental effects of stress in your company and could be the answer you and your team are looking for.

Reiki is beneficial for anyone.

In the workplace it can provide an energy boost to anyone who is feeling rundown, depressed, anxious, fearful or disconnected, plus provide ongoing mind/body balance.

It is especially beneficial in promoting faster return to full work for anyone following injury/surgery/illness. 

Downtime is minimal and there is an immediate benefit when staff members return to their desks.

The Healing Tree’s natural and gentle consultations specialise in addressing the following areas;

Giving your staff the opportunity to Reboot and Refresh their own systems in the workplace is ‘enlightened’, especially if the time out is during the least productive hours of the day.


Terms of Offer

The Healing Tree will provide the content for an email communication promoting the Healing Tree’s Reiki Service to go to your in-house Team.

Our Reiki Practitioner will require a suitable meeting room to set up 10 minutes prior to agreed session times.

Individual staff members will book sessions via email to secure their session which is a minimum 10 minutes.

The initial Reiki session requires an additional 10 minutes to allow for consultation/administration- no extra charge for additional time.

Payment - cash payment only for individual Reiki sessions, receipts provided.

All information shared is confidential between the Client and Practitioner.

Many companies refund or subsidise staff for Well-being/Fitness programs as a company benefit, in which case a schedule of Clients can be provided to the Employer following each Business visit.

Pricing Options

We have a number of Pricing plans to suit, available on enquiry.


The Company will be invoiced monthly with 14 day payment terms.or

Individuals pay cash at time of service, receipts will be provided.