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Nurturing You

The Healing Tree offers a range of Natural Therapy modalities that originate from ancient cultures and many associated wisdoms to facilitate healing in the 21st century. A relaxing and nurturing healing experience for the Mind, Body & Spirit is provided in a tranquil setting.
Reiki is now also available in your office with our new Workplace Well-being offer.

Using complimentary modalities such as Reiki Energy and Crystals the Holistic Healing response can be sometimes subtle or profound, as no individual healing is the same, we are all Unique.

Reiki, and Crystals will work in harmonious co-operation against the energetic blocks that may be causing your physical, emotional, mental or spiritual disharmony, and assist the letting go of those emotions and beliefs that can contribute to illness, stress or dis-ease.

The Healing Tree natural and gentle healings can release deep seated trauma, emotional pain, negative attitudes, self limiting beliefs and thought patterns while always supporting a peaceful and dignified passage through whatever your journey or life transition.

The latest service offered is Soul Midwifery; a movement that is changing the face of Holistic and Spiritual Palliative care of our terminally ill.

Love, Light & Blessings


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We provide forms of natural healing therapies that are truly holistic and take into account the emotional, mental, spiritual needs, as well as those of the physical body. Therefore, it may or may not produce the results you expect. This does not, in any way, negate its effectiveness.
These sessions are not intended to replace any medical treatment or medications you may be presently receiving.                                                   Please treat it as one that assists the healing process.

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