Personal Appointment

$50 - 1 hour session ( for your 1st appointment allow 90mins)
$20 - 1 hour for children under 12yrs old
$30 – 25ml bottle of flower essences 
A 25ml bottle will last approximately one month. 

Cash payments only please

Email or Phone Consultations

$40 – Distant Reiki Session   
$60 – Consultation and one 25ml bottle of flower essences plus $7 p&p within NZ
$30 – Repeat 25ml orders of flower essences, plus $7 p&p within NZ

Please be as specific as you can about the issue that you wish to address, include your date of birth for personlised essence. 
How is it affecting your daily life?
Has it been a problem for a long time?  
How are you feeling - anxious, sad, angry, invisible, discouraged?   
What is the outcome that you wish to achieve by using flower essences?

Combination Essences - no consultation necessary

$30 for one 25ml dropper bottle of essences, plus $7 p&p within NZ

Aura Support – Moving Beyond Trauma
Chakra Support – Stabilise & Balance
Confidence Support – Self Empowerment
Crisis Support – Nature to The Rescue
De-Stress Support – Inner Peace & Calm
De-Tox  Support – Purify & Release
Exam & Study Support – Focus & Recall
Executive Stress Support – Clarity & Concentration
Feminine Support – Embracing the Feminine
Hearts Ease Support – Heart & Soul
Immunity Support – Optimise Wellbeing
Life Changes Support – Life in Transition
Sleep Support – Sweet Dreams
Travel Support – Refresh & Revive
Weight Loss Support –   Natural Weight management
White Light Support – Energetic Protection

Payment Option for Email, Phone and Distant Treatments

Deposit  to :  ASB 12-3050-0422467-00
Please ensure your name is noted on your online payment
Goods and Service will be dispatched once payment is received.   
Love & Light.