Consultations combine Reiki Healing Energy, Flower Essences and Crystals

Reiki, Crystals and Flower Essences work at a vibrational level and they go hand in hand as a therapy. Profound healing can be achieved. By using essences during treatment the healing is maximised and then your take home bottle of personalised flower essences supports your healing after the session.

Combining Reiki, Crystal and Flower Essence healing enables the root cause to be treated, rather than just treating your symptoms. It facilitates the connection to your body’s inate ability to heal itself.

Incorporating crystal energy with Reiki adds another dimension to the healing. Crystals have their own special energy and some clients enjoy holding onto a crystal or have them placed on their associated Chakra's. It adds to the feeling of being nurtured and at peace.

Confidential One to One Appointments, Distant Healings, Email & Phone Consultations are available.


Monday to Friday 6pm to 8pm
Saturday 9am to 5pm
Sunday & Public Holidays by Arrangement